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Our Town

Look for more information about Towns in http://del.icio.us/juanbueno/town
TASK TO DO: You should post a comment describing your town or another one on your choice. Yor must write two paragraphs at least. 10 lines. In your comments you have to write your full name, never Anonymus.

There is a good Spanish introduction to Fuengirola in Ana Lemontree Blog

Our Town
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Describing Fuengirola
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My Town: other activities.

Activity A
Do you like the town/city you live in? Why? Why not?
Activity B
Teacher makes a list of the positive points mentioned by the pupils. Discuss common and original comments.
Activity C
Teacher makes a list of negative comments about towns/cities mentioned
Activity D
The class now makes a list of the characteristics of a perfect town/city. For example, these could include:
Bicycle paths No smoke No cars Sports facilities No violence Beautiful buildings Culture
Activity E
Compare your town/city with another one you know, and make a list of the comments. Some examples:
My town is noisier than X, because ... My city is more boring than Y, because ...
You can go on to mention aspects such as Pollution Poverty/Wealth Green areas Amenities Transport Health Crowding Cost of living Selfishness ...
Activity F
The best town/city you have ever been to/seen?