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Solar System and Space

Look for more information about Space and Planets in http://del.icio.us/juanbueno/space

You should post a comment describing the planet you like best and telling why. Yor must write two paragraphs at least. 10 lines. In your comments you have to write your full name, never Anonymus.
Make a space/planet/solar system model with any kind of material and bring it to the classroom as a project

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Alba Maria León Hervás dijo...


The Earth,the planet where we live,it a beautiful blu and white ball when it is watched from the space.The third planet from the sun.The Earth is the only planet where it knows that life exist and that it has liquid water in his surface.

The Earth surface

the Earth, the greater rocky planet,was created does around 4,5 billion years.Its surface is unique between planets because there is liquid water only here.Some example of the terrestrial superficial charasterictics are the mountains, earthquakes,rivers,volcanos and the deserts. Nevertheless, it has much more due to the complexity of our planet.Most of the terrestrial surface is covered by water, and the rest is rocky.The outer Earth layer former a crust last as the surface cooled of. The crust os composed by gread plates that move slowly. If two plates collide, the formation of montainous chains can be caused. Many other superficial characteristics also are the result of the plates to the drift.

Ana dijo...

Venus is thesecond planet from the Sun.It is also Earth´s closest neighbourand it´s size, composition,gravity and distance from the Sunare similar to the Earth´s.Venus is so similar to Earth that its considered to be its twin.But in reality they´r very diferent.

Venus has a thick atmosphere made of carbon dioxide gas. This traps the Sun´s heat and makes Venus even hotter than Mercury. The temperature on Venus is 480ºc.

This planet is also the brightest in the night sky. Venus doesn´thave any moon´s.

Days on Venus are longer than a years.This hapens because Venus takes only 225 days to complete one orbit around the Sun but it spins much more slowy on its axis, taking 243 days to complete a rotation.

The diameter of Venus is 12.104km. The distance from the Sun is 108 million km.


Venus was namend after the Roman goddes of love.

Al the planets rotate from west to east exept Venus. Scintists think that the planet may have been hit by a huge space rock, changing the direction of its spin.

Salma Azmi dijo...

Jupiter is a gas giant.The core of Jupiter is probably composed of liquid rock at temperature as high as 24,000 K (43,000 Fº).The core is small relative to planet ,about20% of its radius,but still fifteen time hevier than Eath .

Next comes a layer of liquid hidrogen that under the pressure of 10,000,000 Earth at atmospheres. This changes the nature of the hidrogen electricity as metal does.

Jupiter has three main unique characteristic.The first one is its huge size.
The second characteristic is the Great Red Spot .This is gigantic (thrre Earth diameters ).Storm that has existed for more than three centuries .(Galileo discovered it in seventeenth century).

The third characteristic is its many moons .Jupiter has the most moons of any planet in the Solar System :63

myriam dijo...


In astronomy pluto is a dwarf planet the forms a part of a planetary double system with his satellite Caronte.In the general assembly of the astronomic international union.I belive a new category so called plutoide in the one that is include pluto replacing the name of planet.

In astronomy pluto is a dwarf planet that forms a part of a planetary double system with his satellite Caronte.In the General Assembly of the astronomic international union I belive a new category so called Plutoide in the one that is included Pluto repalcing the name of planet.

After a intense the UAI on August 24,2006 unanimity to reclassify Pluto as dwarf planet.

Ying Sun dijo...


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in the Solar system.The name is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.It is also referred to as the ¨Red Planet¨ because of its reddish appearance,due to iron oxide prevalent on its surface.

Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere,having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters os the Moon and the volcanoes,valleys,deserts and polar ice caps os Earth.

Until the first fly by of Mars by Mariner 4 in 1965, many speculated that there might be liquid water on the planet`s surface.

Mars has two moons,Phobos and Deimos, which are small and irregularly shaped.

Of all the planets ,Mar´s seasons are the most Earth like,due to the similar tilts of the two planets rotational axes.

adrian chancon dijo...

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sol. This is the full crater surface caused by the impacts of meteorites. Long ago heat.
Venus is the planet that but shines at night.The twin Planet is called to him of earth since ets size is very similarity, but in its atmosphere pede not to breathe itself.
jupiter is the great Planet but of the Solar System.It has 16 satelites.He is the found star but Brillantge of the sky after the Sun, the Moon and Venus.

manuel pérez dijo...

mars is the four nearest planet to the sun.Viking I and Viking 2 came to Mars to explore its surface,its air and its life conditions.In Mars there is channels,vulcans,roks.
Mars'colours is red and there is strog winds some times.

Josselyn Nicole Cela Rodas dijo...

i like a jupiter because it`s the biggest planet of the solar system . it`s the fith planet around the sun.
iit has system satelltes. It`sthe fourth hightdtest thing in the nigth sky after the Sun; the moon and Venus

Tamara Quiros dijo...

Mercury:Is the nearest planet to the sun.It travels around the Sun at 47.9 kilometres a second:this is faster than the fasttest planet.

jose antonio dijo...


The Sun is the biggest of the whole solar system. It is yellow and orange and has spherical form. It is the biggest star of our system and is the nearest to mercury and more removed of pluton. This one formed by craters and lava, dwarf volcanoes and it turns about the lacteal route

Adrián Jiménez Carrasco dijo...

Mercury:is the nearest planet to the sun.It travels round the sun at 47.9 kilometres a second.This is faster tham the faster planet Mercury between tham venus and the
sun.It planet very hot.

In Mercury there are aliens.I think there is water in Mercury.I think there was in the past life.

Anónimo dijo...

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